Hey fear kicker!


An entrepreneur, speaker, mama, wife, and fellow Fear Kicker, on a mission with you to become the best version of ourselves.

So, how did all of this start?

Everyone knows Kick Fear In The Face as a t-shirt company. But that’s not why I started it.

It saved me.

When it first began, in 2011, I was a captive to fear. I was locked up by what people thought of me. Of feelings of inadequacy. And of total doubt in myself.

Then, one day, this mantra came to me: Kick Fear In The Face. And I felt God whisper, “I see you. I know you. If you partner with me and fully lean in, we can do this together.”

So it all started with this. A resolution that fear is the greatest mirror of what you need to overcome in your life. A belief that we each have the potential for greatness. And about twenty tank-tops and hats!

Then, in just a couple of days, the tanks and hats were being worn by my first fellow Fear Kickers. And every one of us embraced this lifestyle of living life out loud, and lives started to change—my own included.

Since those early days, the transformation stories have taught me something profound: our place of pain can become our power to reign.When we focus on our fear, we see only our obstacles. Our impact and potential is so limited. But when we see past it, beyond our tiny horizon, the sky opens up and we see what we can truly become. We see the lives we can impact—from our families to our cities to our world.

Kick Fear In The Face is a movement built on this core belief: our greatest potential is on the other side of fear!

We each have a purpose, a God-sized plan for our lives. As a community, we’re passionately proving this truth by the thousands. Every day, we choose to armor up, push past fear, and be way-makers, chain breakers, and movement makers in this world.

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See you there. Now, let’s Kick Fear In The Face!

Better Together,
Thea Wood