Fear Kickers Wanted Series: Spark Habit 3

Spark Habit 3:


The gear for the day, DAILY COMMITMENT TO BE CONSISTENT. What does this mean to you? You are on day 3 of this journey with me and are being consistent in following this series. Making your bed every day, that is a daily commitment to be consistent! Now, for spark habit 3! Getting moving! Having accountability helps keep you to getting you moving. Parking farther away from the mall! For me that is something easy and keeps me moving without even thinking about it. The benefits of this spark habit are more than just physical and health related benefits. Socially we can benefit from this, by meeting friends and getting moving together. We are better together friends! Remember, small but mighty things can push us to go out there and crush our goals, and bring our dreams into reality.  

Stay tuned tomorrow for your next spark habit! You will receive it in your inbox tomorrow! Wake up, make your bed, and get ready to walk through our next spark habit!